Toys’R’Us Mail-in Part 2

This is part 2 of 3 in my write up on the 2015 Mail-In promotion being ran by Toys’R’Us. If you haven’t seen my first post or would like more details on the promotion, please click here:  “Toys’R’Us Mail-in Part 1.

In short, if you spend $20.00 or more at Toys’R’Us you can send away for a ’76 Greenwood Corvette. I didn’t want to send in 20 different card-backs from Hot Wheels, so I decided to purchase two 9-Packs and send the UPCs in from those.

This post details the cars I got from the second 9-Pack.

Yesterday, 7/30/15, I received an email from Mattel that said they had received my order and payment (which I sent on 7/20/15) so hopefully I will receive the Greenwood Corvette soon!

If you’d like to see all the cars I’ve gotten from 2015 9-Packs in detail, click here.

If you’d like to see every car in my collection, click here.


X6999-10 The ’71 Dodge Charger is this 9-Pack’s exclusive car. It has a Metalflake Green paint job, a metal body, and a chrome plastic interior & chassis. What’s really neat about this car is the interior! If you look at the left or right side pictures (which you can see here) you’ll notice that the door upholstery has been done in chrome as well. I thought that was a nice detail!

X6999-11If my research is correct, this ’08 Dodge Challenger SRT8 is also an exclusive car to the 9-Packs. The matte black paint job with copper stripes is what makes it special. This car looks great and has a metal body with plastic chassis.


  The next three cars are all plastic bodies. I’m not entirely against plastic bodies, but I felt that having 1/3rd of the box being plastic was a little odd. The plastic bodies do allow for a large variance in designs, however, so it’s not bad thing I guess. The Power Pipes pictured here, has a very stylized look. I’m not sure if it looks futuristic or classic, but the design is interesting. Since the body is plastic, the chassis is metal.

X6999-15Off Track is my favorite of the three plastic bodies. It looks just like a short course truck and the light blue paint job with trans. red windows go great together. The stance of the truck is neat too. If you look at it from the side the rear end is a little lower than the front giving the impression that it’s under power – or maybe that’s just how short course trucks are setup. Either way, I like it!


 Knight Draggin’ has excellent details. It’s a little knight in shiny armor sitting on top of a dragon-looking hot-rod. The dragon itself has scales, claws, and a fully sculpted head. This car, in this color, is available in the 2015 mainline series.

X6999-12 This is my favorite car from the 9-Pack. The simple pearl orange paint scheme on this 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car allows you to really appreciate the design. It looks great on display and has some nice details in the casting. There are a few sponsor tampos on it as well which let you know it’s a race car without being over the top.

X6999-16MR11 is another mainline car featuring a metalflake green paint job and soccer ball fender flares. I like the design of this casting – it’s low and sleek stance remind me a little of the Twin Mill.

X6999-13The ‘68 Cougar is another great addition to the pack, fitting right in with the Charger. It has a metalflake purple paint job and some silver and black striping. The side tampos include marker lights as well. The chassis is plastic.


Muscle Tone is another car that you can get from the 2015 main line series. It looks like a modern sports car and will appeal to sports fans with it’s baseball themed paint job. It has a baseball on the sides of the car along with baseball stitching which serves as stripes.

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