Toys’R’Us Mail-in Part 3 – ’76 Greenwood Corvette

CGG76CRDFCGG76CRDBKIf you have been following my blog, you’ll know that I mailed away for the ’76 Greenwood Corvette on 7/20/15.  The Greenwood Corvette is a promotional car that you can get by spending $20.00 or more at Toys’R’Us and then mailing away for the Corvette. You can read more about the promotion and the purchases I made to qualify by reading Toys’R’Us Mail-in Part 1 or Toys’R’Us Mail-in Part 2.

After 15 days, I received the Greenwood Corvette on 8/4/15. I think that’s a great turn around time, considering they tell you to expect a delivery time of 8-12 weeks. The car was in perfect condition as it was shipped in a sturdy cardboard box and one of those Hot Wheels ProtectoPaks.

The whole package is of high quality. The cardboard is a much thicker card stock then what you find on the mainline cars – it’s at least twice as thick.

I was hesitant about opening the car because it’s such a nice display piece sealed, but I wanted to add it to the website and I’m happy I decided to open it. It looks so much neater out of the package.

From the initial pictures I saw online I thought the car was chrome for some reason, but it turns out that the car is actually a Spectraflame Black. The black paint with red flames really makes this car stand out in person.

It has outstanding details, as you would expect from a premium car, with plastic lenses over the head lights, tail light paint, exhaust pipes and even a grill.

The ’76 Greenwood Corvette has a metal chassis as well as a metal body. It’s one of my heavier cars, weighing in at 53.49 grams. Real Rider Cobra wheels finish this car off.

I am very impressed with this car and very happy I took the effort to take part in the promotion. I would highly recommend that you do the same.


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