Walmart Exclusive – Batman

Every month it seems Walmart has a new line of exclusives available. The Porsche series was available when I started collecting and soon after it went to a Tom & Jerry theme. I have those sets, but haven’t had time to add them to the site yet. Each line appears to have 6 cars and they are priced right at $0.94 each.

This month, they released a set of Batman vehicles. As a collector of Batman Hot Wheels – I had to purchase the whole set. I was lucky to find the whole set after stopping by two different Walmarts. If you’re looking for them, be sure to check out the dump bins. That’s where I found most of mine.

Each one has great artwork on the card depicting the on screen appearance the vehicle is famous for.  A nice touch, that’s hard to see at first, is that every vehicle has a white Batman symbol behind it on the card. It almost looks like a glare at first in the pictures, but it is the bat-sign.





DFK71 Car #1 is the Batman: Classic TV Series Batmobile. I think this will be one of the more popular castings from this release from the initial comments I read across the internet. It features a matte black paint job and classic TV series tampos. The car has a metal body and plastic chassis. For some reason the paint on this car has a rough appearance to it. Other matte paint jobs are smooth but still matte. This one has quite a bit of texture that you can see in the picture.

DFK70 Batmobile is car #2 and ranks high on my list of favorites from this release. I know this is a re-release as I have a few versions of this from the 2015 mainline, but it is the Batmobile I think of when I hear the word. The trans. yellow windows contrast nicely with the rest of the car.

DFK73  #3 is referred to as Batman Begins Batmobile, but I think this is the “Tumbler.” There are a lot of details on this one with panel lines and such. The trans. blue windows are great as well. The body is plastic and the chassis is metal. I wonder if all the odd angles prevent it from having a metal body. This car features off road rear tires.


  Bat-Pod is #4. It has a two part “body,” and both parts are made of metal. This is a great casting, though it looks a little plain without The Batman sitting on-top.

DFK74  Vehicle #5 is called The Bat. It’s Batman’s aircraft and is another highly detailed casting. The main section of the body is metal on top, but the underside and arms are plastic. It looked a little odd to me while taking pictures, and then it dawned on me – this thing looks like a turtle! Take a look at the photos below and see if you think the same.

DFK72 The final car in the series is #6: Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile. This car has outstanding details! It has the typical panel lines, but also has a visible engine. They could have stopped there, but on the front you’ll find headlight tampos too! This vehicle has a metal body on a plastic chassis. While all the other cars in this series are black, this one has a special paint job. The base is black, but they put green metalflakes in the paint. At first glance the car looks black as well, but when the light hits it the green metalflake makes this look really neat!


DFK71-1 DFK71-4 DFK71-3 DFK71-2DFK70-1 DFK70-2 DFK70-3 DFK70-4DFK73-1 DFK73-2 DFK73-3 DFK73DFK75-1 DFK75-4 DFK75-3 DFK75-2DFK74-1 DFK74-2 DFK74-3 DFK74-4DFK72-1 DFK72-2 DFK72-3 DFK72-4

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