FIAT 500 Treasure Hunt?

The FIAT 500, which was released in the 2015 Mainline, had collectors talking for a little while. It was not listed as an official treasure hunt, but if you were lucky enough to find one you’d notice that it had the regular treasure hunt logo on the card behind the car.

Some speculated that it was a “secret treasure hunt” and that there would be more “secret treasure hunts” to come. Many countered that idea by pointing out that there was no circle flame logo on the car itself. Current treasure hunts all feature that emblem somewhere. While it might have been a stretch, the flame-like shape at the end of the yellow stripe on the side of the car was enough evidence for some to continue believing that this was a treasure hunt of some kind.

Others thought that it was an error that had been overlooked by Mattel.

The controversy made it very difficult to find this car, at least around here.

So now that some time has passed, what’s the answer? Unfortunately, there’s no story or anything special behind the emblem on the card. It wasn’t a “secret treasure hunt” or a sign of new things to come. The community found out that it was simply a mistake. The car is not an official treasure hunt and the logo was added to the card in error and wasn’t caught prior to shipping.

At any rate, it’s still a nice looking model! I’m sure it is still considered an “unofficial” treasure hunt by some, but you’ll need to keep it on the card to prove it!

Check out some close-ups of the car below.


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