Star Wars Planet Cars

You’ll find some sets of cars that stick around in a store for what seems like months. Either the store got too many or they just aren’t popular with collectors for some reason. Around here, the Walmart Exclusive series “Star Wars Planet Cars” are an example of what collectors call “Peg-Warmers.”

I think this set had the odds against it. It was released in a time where we were being bombarded by Star Wars merchandise; you couldn’t into a store without seeing some sort of Star Wars product. In addition to that, all of the cars are fantasy models. That’s not that big of a deal to me, but many collectors opt for cars which represent real world vehicles.

Though for $1.00 each, I think they have a lot going for them. Each car represents a planet in the Star Wars universe. The card art is nicely done and and transfers over to the art on the car. The cars have tampos on each side depicting a scene or something famous about the plant. Endor has the AT-ST on it, Tatooine has a land speeder and some Raiders, Hoth the epic battle between some Snowspeeders and an AT-AT.

While the cars are fantasy models I’m happy to see another example of the Silhouette II casting. It has to be my pick from the set.

Check out the cars below and if you want to see more detailed pictures of them you can find them and all my other cars by clicking here.


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