Camaro Fifty Series

January 2017 brought us the new Walmart Exclusive series celebrating Camaro’s fiftieth anniversary; the series is called Camaro Fifty. This 8 car set had it’s own dumpbin at Walmart and brings some very nice castings. The 8 cars are:

’67 Camaro ( with an opening hood and die-cast chassis)
’69 Camaro
’81 Camaro
’85 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z
’95 Camaro
’13 Camaro
’10 Pro-Stock Camaro
’13 COPO Camaro

Ignoring that two of the cars are very similar (there are two 2013 Camaro’s) I think this set has a nice variety. My favorites are the ’85 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z and the ’67 Camaro. Check your ’67 Camaro to see if the motor is painted or not. Some consider this a variation, though it’s really just paint over spray, but if you have one with a painted motor it’s worth significantly more than a non-painted motor version.

If you’d like to see more detailed pictures of the cars, you can find them by clicking here. Otherwise, check out the pictures below.

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