K-Day Case Preview

Scroll down if you just want to see the case preview or keep reading to learn a little about K-day.

Saturday, February 18th is the first K-Day of 2017. For those who do not know, K-Day is an event that K-Mart hosts every few months. Typically the event starts at 9AM local time, but call your local K-Mart to be sure! Collectors from the area gather at a local K-Mart where each attendee is given a raffle ticket. The raffle tickets are then put in a “hat” and drawn at random. If your ticket is drawn you are given the opportunity to pick one of many sealed cases and take a predetermined number of cars. After the first group of people have picked their cars, new tickets are drawn and those people get to go through the cases picking out their own cars. (That’s the official way of doing it, but some K-Marts run the event differently. For example, some K-Marts just give the winners a whole case to do what they want with.) Either way you might end up with the opportunity to go through a fresh case.

Unfortunately, some K-Marts are closing and you may not be able to attend a K-Mart in person. If that’s the case you can still get a case by ordering one through K-Mart’s website. Here’s a link to the case. As of writing this, they are out of stock, but typically these cases will be restocked multiple times so keep checking back.

Aside from getting cars with exclusive colors that only K-Mart has (read about those here), a chance at a Super Treasure Hunt (which reportedly is the ’17 Acura NSX in Gold) or a Normal Treasure Hunt (which is So Plowed, pictured in the last picture of “AFA” below), the biggest draw this time around is the opportunity to get an exclusive Datsun 510 Bluebird. If you purchase 20 cars at K-Mart (or from them online) you can send in for one of these cars. This is a highly sought after car and likely the reason why the cases are selling out so quickly. But, even if you can’t get a case now you have until March 31st 2017, when the promotion ends, to get 20 qualifying cars.

You can see the official terms as well as pictures of the Datsun 510 on the official Hot Wheels website by clicking here. 

I was lucky enough to order a few cases and got them within a couple days so I wanted to give you a preview of what you might find inside your K-Day Cases. They appear to all be 2017 “F” cases, but I received two variations – an “AFA” and an “AFB” case. If you look at the last 3 letters of the case code you’ll know which case variant you’re working with. Scroll down to check out each variation’s contents and good luck should you decide to attend your local K-Day:

AFA Case Preview:


AFB Case Preview:

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