The Jetsons

I was at Meijer’s and ran across thisĀ 65 Ford Ranchero. It’s from the 2014 Hanna-Barbera Pop Culture series and features The Jetsons on it. It was the only one they had, and looked like it had been around awhile as the plastic bubble that holds the car on the card was stapled after it apparently had fallen off. I obviously open all my cars, so I purchased it anyway. It was a good time to find this casting as it goes well with the 2017 Mainline vehicle “The Jetsons.”

TheĀ 65 Ford Ranchero is a nice model. I like the color which is a light metalflake blue and of course it is all metal. I just wish the graphics on the Pop Culture line was a little better when viewed from close up.

You can find detailed pictures of these cars (including the card art) by clicking here.

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