Ghostbusters Series

In November of 2016, Walmarts received the Ghostbusters series. It’s a Walmart Exclusive Hot Wheels series that arrived in it’s own special dump bin. There are 8 vehicles in this set:

Ghostbusters ECTO-1™
Phastasm (Team Silhouette)
Audacious (Terror Dog™)
Spectyte (Ghostbusters 2™ logo)
Battle Spec (Ghostbusters Trap)
Bread Box (Slimer™)
Drift Tech (Stay Puft™)
Power Rocket  (Classic logo)

It seems like we have a lot of renditions of the Ecto-1, but most of those are in the more expensive Entertainment line. These Walmart Exclusive cars retailed for .94 cents each, which made some of them very popular.

I believe the most popular, and thus hardest to find, are the Ecto-1 and Bread Box (which features Slimer on it.) I checked in at a few Walmarts shortly after they were put out and all of those castings were missing from the bin. Many collectors like the Ecto-1 and I am sure there are many non-Hot Wheels collectors that would pickup one at only $0.94!

Except for Audacious, The Ecto-1, and Bread Box, they all have plastic bodies.

Overall I am impressed with the series. The card art is outstanding on all of them and the car designs each have something that ties them to the movies. Hopefully you were able to find the ones you wanted.

At the time of posting this article, I have a few extras available to trade from this series. If you are interested in trading, click here.

Otherwise, check out the pictures and card art below. There are more detailed pictures of the series in the database which you can access by clicking here.

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