Thanks for stopping by MyDiecastCollection.com! I hope that you find this website a helpful resource. I know that there are more complete listings of Hot Wheels and other diecast out on the web. They contain every vehicle ever created and are a tool that many use.

The goal of this website is not to replace those other websites. Instead, I hope to supplement them while also documenting my own collection. For every vehicle I obtain, I will be giving as much detail as I can about it. Over time this will provide a catalog of my own collection and hopefully a resource that others can use for the extra details those other sites don’t provide.

Please check back often as I continually add to my collection. If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d like to hear them. You can leave a comment or post on the forums.

Thanks for checking out my website!


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  1. Hello Mike, my name is Don K. from Massillon. We met each other at the Toys r us a few weeks ago. I was the guy that haf just started in the hobby recently. Just wanted to say hi and I love your site. I have been lurking on Reddit as well and read all of your posts. I have been having a blast collecting and doing pretty well actually. I found 2 Supers and about a dozen regular hunts so far. And not to mention a couple hundred other cool cars. How has the hunt been for you as of late?

    • Hi Don,

      It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you. I appreciate you checking out my website! It sounds like you are doing great, what Supers did you find? I know what you mean about a couple hundred cars, the collection grows very quickly. Were you able to go to K-Day? If so, did you do well there?

      I haven’t gotten anything special lately, just some mainlines. I’m looking forward to receiving my K-Day Mail-in Datsun 510 soon.

      Thanks again for stopping by and good luck!


  2. I did go to K-Day. No Supers there but we had a blast anyway. So far to date I have found 4 Supers. 2 Boom Box, A Drifsta and my favorite, a Kool Kombi.

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